Corporate Law

We provide comprehensive legal services for commercial companies and partnerships.

The Law Firm provides comprehensive assistance to corporate clients throughout the entirety of their business operations. We proficiently prepare essential documentation, including Articles of Association and Memorandum of Association, along with requisite applications submitted to the National Court Register. Our adept team also oversees the functioning of corporate entities, offering guidance in matters such as transformations, mergers and acquisitions, as well as succession strategies within family-run enterprises.
Our range of corporate services extends to proficiently representing clients in company law-related disputes. Furthermore, we offer dedicated support to entrepreneurs in aligning their operations with evolving regulatory frameworks, ensuring continual compliance. Our commitment involves diligent daily monitoring of legal developments to uphold the optimal legal standing for our clients.

Tax Advisory

An integral facet of our operational framework pertains to our specialized tax advisory services.

Our adept team diligently assesses both the legal and tax implications inherent to various transactions, offering expert guidance on the intricate tax facets of business endeavors. We adeptly represent our esteemed clients during tax inspections and effectively navigate proceedings before tax authorities and administrative courts.

We excel in orchestrating enterprise restructurings to optimize tax liabilities, facilitating the acquisition of individualized tax rulings, and providing comprehensive support in the realm of VAT settlements. Our proficiency extends to the strategic implementation of tax incentives and preferences, encompassing avenues such as Estonian Corporate Income Tax (CIT), Intellectual Property Box (IP BOX), innovation-driven tax reliefs, and other pertinent mechanisms. Additionally, we meticulously scrutinize finalized contracts from a tax perspective, thereby assisting in the selection of optimal strategies.

Labour and Social Security Law

We extend all-encompassing legal facilitation and continuous consultation pertaining to matters concerning an employment

Our services encompass extensive assistance in the meticulous drafting of requisite documentation for the establishment of employment contracts, alongside internal frameworks comprising work regulations, compensation guidelines, internal policies, and other pivotal documents associated with employment matters.

Our commitment encompasses the diligent oversight of employee recruitment and termination processes, bolstered by adept representation on behalf of our clients within labor court proceedings. We are well-versed in guiding the engagement of foreign personnel and navigating the intricacies of their legal residency requirements.

Furthermore, our provision extends to the ongoing scrutiny of employee documentation, along with dedicated support in handling internal proceedings concerning issues such as harassment and other unsolicited conduct. Throughout our extensive tenure, we have notably secured successful outcomes for clients entangled in disputes involving the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) and the State Labor Inspectorate (PIP).


We offer dedicated assistance to clients engaged in the operation of their online business.

Our service portfolio encompasses meticulous audits of online stores to ensure alignment with relevant legal requirements. We actively participate in the formulation and seamless integration of essential legal documentation crucial for online operations, encompassing regulatory frameworks, data protection regulations, and privacy policies.

We extend comprehensive support throughout the complaint resolution process, exercising adept representation before esteemed authorities such as the Consumer Rights Ombudsman, the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKIK), and judiciously navigating disputes that reach court venues. Our commitment to safeguarding the legal well-being of our clients is steadfast, as we ardently strive to counteract deleterious online content that encroaches upon the personal rights of our clientele.

Public Procurement Law

We extend our professional assistance to clients navigating the intricate realm of public procurement law.

We adeptly counsel all stakeholders involved in public procurement proceedings. Our comprehensive suite of services encompasses aiding contracting entities in the meticulous preparation of tender documentation, followed by analysis and validation of its alignment with legal requirements. We provide unwavering support to contractors by scrutinizing bids and their accompanying documentation. Moreover, we offer legal insights and assessments pertinent to public procurement matters, and we furnish evaluations on draft contractual arrangements.

Our dedication further extends to providing guidance to both contractors and procuring entities embroiled in disputes arising from public procurement processes, with our representation encompassing both the National Appeals Chamber (KIO) and traditional court forums.

IP and New Technologies

We prioritize the safeguarding of our clients’ intellectual property assets.

Our expertise encompasses the formulation and evaluation of draft agreements concerning the transfer of proprietary copyrights, the issuance of licenses, and agreements within the realm of the IT sector. We undertake comprehensive analyses to detect potential copyright violations affecting our clients. In pursuit of fortifying intellectual property rights, we craft strategic frameworks tailored to each unique scenario. Furthermore, we offer adept representation for clients embroiled in legal conflicts before the Polish Patent Office and conventional court venues.

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